Monday, April 18, 2011

January 2011

I am documenting this now, so forgive me if the details are a little fuzzy.

For Christmas Robert, Ardell and I went to Grandma and Grandpa Clement's house for 10 days.  While there with Chad and Marcia's family, little Ethan got really sick.  Unfortunately, Ethan and Ardell love to suck on their digits and fight over the same toys.  Just after we got home Ardell and then Robert got really sick.  We had Robert Carlson and his brother Allen come and give them both blessings.  Robert held Ardell for his blessing first. Then when it was Robert's turn to receive a blessing, Ardell put his hands on his Dad's forehead.  The Carlson brothers had him move them to Daddy's chin, but he left his hands on Daddy's face through the whole blessing.

The next week, Ardell got a different germ/virus and ended up with a double ear infection.  Daddy and Robert Carlson administered to him then.  But being the little sponge that he is, we thought nothing else about it for the next week.  On the first Sunday that we were all well again, Robert got a headache during Sacrament Meeting.  (Our organist is deaf and was playing the organ at a pitch that even I was uncomfortable with).  Robert left during the opening hymn and came back in the chapel after the intermediate hymn.  However, he thought he would "brave" the closing song.  Robert sat with his elbows on his knees and his fingers in his ears.  After a few moments, Ardell went and stood in front of Daddy, between his knees, and laid his hands on Daddy's forehead until the song was over.  When the song ended, Ardell removed his hands from Daddy's head and returned to his seat on the bench for the closing prayer. 

Sometimes he just surprises me.  I'm glad that it is good things that we are giving him to emulate.  I look forward to the priesthood holder that he will become.